Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment 2024/2025 Portal:

Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment 2024: If you’re interested in joining the Nigerian Air force DSSC team, then you need to pay attention to these posts as we guide you through the requirements as well as the application process.

Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment Eligibility and Requirements

For you to apply for the Nigerian Air Force DSSC recruitment, you need to first of all meet certain requirements and eligibility to Begin the process.  Not to worry, I’ll walk you through the requirements step by step, just pay attention.

NAF DSSC recruitment eligibility requirements:

  1. For you to be eligible for this recruitment, you must be a Nigerian citizen either by birth or by naturalization, those who are not Nigerian citizens will not be eligible
  2. Age also plays a huge role in eligibility, You must be between 20 and 30 years old, or 25 and 40 for medical consultants. If you are not within this age range, you won’t be eligible

To join the NAF DSSC, you must have a certain level of educational achievement.

You must have at least a second class lower degree or a lower credit HND.

  • You must have completed or be exempted from the National Youth Service Corps.
  • For certain positions, you must be registered with the relevant professional body.
  • For all positions, you must have credit in English and mathematics.
  • These are the basic educational standards that you must meet to join the NAF. If you meet these standards, you can apply. There are various divisions you can apply to, including engineering, medical, IT, and legal.
  • You must be at least 1.66m tall if you’re a male or 1.63m tall if you’re a female.

You can apply online at the NAF recruitment portal for free. But you’ll need to provide your personal details, education, and employment history too. Also, you need to upload supporting documents, such as your birth certificate, educational certificates, and any other relevant documents.

After you submit your application, you’ll be notified of the next steps, which may include a written examination, medical examination, or in some cases an interview too. If you’re successful, you’ll be notified of your posting and reporting date.

How to Apply For Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment

There are a lot of processes involved, we’ll walk you through one after the other.

  1. You can start the application process for the NAF DSSC recruitment by visiting the NAF recruitment portal And filling out the online application form. The application period starts on January 29, 2024, and ends on March 11, 2024.
  2. After completing the application form, you must print out three documents: an acknowledgment form, a parent/guardian consent form, and a local government area attestation form so you need to be sure to print these documents and bring them with you to your assessment. The assessment is all about a written exam, an interview, and there’s also a physical fitness test
  3. The first part of the assessment is a written exam. This exam will test your knowledge of basic subjects, including English, mathematics, and general knowledge.
  4. The second part of the assessment is an interview. This interview will check your character, leadership qualities, and also how suitable you are for the NAF. The third part of the assessment is a physical fitness test. This test will check your strength, to see how agile you are as well as your The NAF will select candidates based on their performance in all three parts of the Candidates who pass all three parts of the assessment will be selected for further processing.

Final Thoughts

NAF will invite successful candidates for documentation and enrollment. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll begin your training to become a member of the NAF.

The NAF selection process is absolutely difficult and stressful too, so you see, only the most qualified candidates will be selected. You need to put in your best efforts, I wish you Goodluck.

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